A Bit About Me

488198_10151115582174801_1880676354_n  Technology Evangelist for the Food Chain

A strange thing happens when you spend almost 20 years working with Supply Chain software – you start to notice the complexity of the world around you – how things inter-relate, how dependencies are formed and how end user satisfaction can evaporate with something as simple as an inefficient response.

I am a Marketer, Business Partner Advocate and Food Technology rock star, currently finessing Cognitive Commerce solutions at IBM. I am insanely curious about food evolution via smart people and technology.  When technology impacts the way the food chain functions, I wish to learn more.  What questions do you have?  What comments will you share? Do you see an opportunity for us to combine our strengths?  Let’s put our brains together and shake things up.

What are the bees that buzz in your head?





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